On these pages, my regular readers know that I have been chagrined about the repeal by Congress during its lame duck session several years ago of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.  I have also been troubled by the Pentagon’s decision to suppress the free speech of Christian military personnel, former Defense Secretary Panetta’s order moving women into more active combat roles, increasing high rates of sexual assault against both male and female military personnel, and allowing homosexual and lesbian military personnel to march in uniform during Sodomy Pride festivals.  From the many comments about these topics I have received, I know that there are many homosexual and lesbians, and those sympathetic to their plight, who regularly read my blogs.  For all of my readers, I am thankful.  While some have criticized what has been perceived as “homophobic” blogs, I can assure you that some of my remarks are made in Voltairean irony (such as the title of one of my blogs from last year, “Do Khakis Make Me Look Fat?“).  But now, things are as they are, and our society has “evolved.”  Even our nation’s Supreme Court opined (5-4) that quaint, old-fashioned notions from the Bible that limit marriage to unrelated, heterosexual couples are motivated by anti-homosexual animus.  Accordingly, as our nation’s Air Force has become increasingly anti-Christian, Mere Comments and I, as a public service to my readers who are Leftist, activist homosexuals and lesbians, Satanists, and atheists, want to alert you that the United States Air Force is desperately seeking fighter pilots.

Some of the fighter pilot departures are caused by those pesky traditionalist and misguided military personnel who do not wish to serve under Mr. Obama.  Other pilots may want to leave before homosexuality is required conduct in the military.  Therefore, given that homosexual and lesbians have now largely attained many of their cherished objectives from Mr. Obama and his allies in Congress, it is time for you to step up to the plate (that is a baseball metaphor in case you might not be familiar with organized sports), and apply for pilot training in the Air Force.  If you make the cut, there is great pay, starting at $34,500, which is a good starting salary for recent LGBT Studies majors from Ivy League universities.  In addition, there are generous government-provided benefits, including great mental-health care available from the Veterans Administration.  And your commitment to the Air Force is only for nine years.  Thus, you will have plenty of years to work for United Airlines, or for the merging US Airways/American Airlines.  (Last year, Boeing estimated a global need for 460,000 new commercial pilots over the next 20 years.)  So a great future lies ahead of you if you are careful not to get shot down and killed in war.  But with the ever increasing use of drones by Mr. Obama’s Pentagon, pilot deaths during war will be less likely in the future.  Best of all, your military pilot training and officer status allows you to dress well (I love the natty ascots, or more properly, the “flight suit scarves” worn by generations of military pilots).  Moreover, you can now openly enjoy a thrilling lifestyle as a high-flying, swaggering fighter jock with comrades in arms as you dance the night away in clubs all over the world.  So, here is a great chance to give back to your country all the privileges you so richly have earned from President Obama.  Although a fighter pilot’s glamorous life can be grueling on a family with frequent deployments and job-related stress, it might just be the ticket for my unmarried readers.  And atheists will have no reason to worry about living the rest of their lives in a universe of immanent justice as you drop bombs on innocent civilians.  So, to see if this appeals to you, try using Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which gives you the amazing experience similar to flying a real aircraft (almost as amazing as being in a gay “marriage”).  Please note that the Air Force has some height and weight restrictions which, according to some recent government reports, may preclude some lesbians from pilot training.  Further, good psycho-motor skills are preferred.  To avoid future military sequester cuts, please contact the United States Air Force before September 30, 2013, the end of our nation’s fiscal year.  The nation’s freedom and liberty are at stake, and our Air Force needs you.  And you can truly exercise your pride in serving your country while earning the thanks of a grateful people.  I just hope you won’t have to die for Syria.