How Should Same-Sex Marriage Change the Church’s Witness?
Russell D. Moore

Same-sex marriage is on the march, even apart from these decisions, and is headed to your community, regardless of whether you are sitting where I am right now, on Capitol Hill, or in a rural hamlet in southwest Georgia or eastern Idaho. This is an opportunity for gospel witness.

Abortion Proponents Hate “Safe, Legal, and Rare”
Collin Garbarino, First Things

Whatever happened to keeping abortion “safe, legal, and rare”? Those goals just don’t fit the needs of the abortion industry anymore.

On Winning the Marriage Debate
Eric Teetsel, Public Discourse

Conservatives need to argue as lovers: As we woo the person across from us, we are funny, self-effacing, merciful, and confident.

United Methodist Church welcomes scouts displaced by Southern Baptists
Jill McNeal, ABC News

After the Southern Baptist Convention came out against allowing gay Boy Scouts, another denomination announces they will welcome all scouts with open arms.