How a Jewish lawyer came to devote his career to protecting Christians in the Palestinian Territories
Joseph Brean, National Post

Converts to Christianity are the most vulnerable, especially when coupled with suspicions of collaboration with Israeli security forces. He called conversion in these conditions “a lonely decision.”

Rallying for Religious Freedom under the Shadow of Planned Parenthood
Arland K. Nichols, Homiletic and Pastoral Review

Our Founding Fathers understood that when the state oversteps its boundaries—offending its very charge and offending the rights of the people—we must stand up.

Can America Remain the Land of Religious Liberty?
Ray Nothstine, Acton Commentary

Sending us backward, not forward, secularization and centralization of power is making us more distant from America’s high tide of religious freedom.

Religious Liberty and the Gay Marriage Endgame
Ross Douthat, New York Times

Would social conservatives be better off with a swift judicial settlement on gay marriage?