Why Religious Liberty Became Controversial: The Left and Jean-Jacques Rousseau
William Haun, Public Discourse

The Left is adopting a Rousseauian view of religion’s role in public life: the state is to determine where, when, and how religious instruction should be permissible for citizens.

Superman Isn’t Jesus, He’s Your Dad
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

Man of Steel misunderstands the reason why Superman has endured in the popular imagination for 75 years.

Supreme Court: Anti-AIDS Program Can’t Require Groups to Oppose Prostitution
Melissa Steffan, Christianity Today

Some religious groups see ruling as a protection against future “loyalty oaths” on other issues.

Mystery miracle that cleared John Paul II’s path to sainthood will ‘amaze the world’: Vatican insider
The Telegraph

The Vatican has secretly attributed a mystery miracle to the late John Paul II, clearing the way for him to be declared a saint.