Why Calvinists and Arminians (and Those in Between) Can Unite for Religious Liberty
Russell D. Moore

I think both traditions, and the in-between place, have some things to contribute to our defense of a free church in a free state.

Lessons from France on the Myths of Same-Sex Marriage
Robert Oscar Lopez, Public Discourse

After the French protests against same-sex marriage, we can no longer speak of redefined marriage as inevitable or enlightened.

A Primer on the Southern Baptist Convention, Pt. 1
Miles S. Mullin, II, First Things

Very few non-Baptist journalists or readers understand the history of the SBC or grasp the organizational processes of this zealously congregational yet intensely cooperative denomination.

Listening to Young Atheists, Lessons for a Stronger Christianity
Larry Alex Taunton, The Atlantic

When a Christian foundation interviewed college nonbelievers about how and why they left religion, surprising themes emerged.