Obama faces bind on Africa and gay rights
DeWayne Wickham, USA Today

Two of the three African countries Obama will visit — Tanzania and Senegal — treat homosexuality as a crime, not a human right.

How the Supreme Court Gave Us Gosnell
Clarke D. Forsythe, First Things

The conditions in Gosnell’s house of horrors clinic, far from being exceptional, are the logical outcome of the fine print in Roe v. Wade.

Our Francis, Too
Timothy George, Christianity Today

Why evangelicals can enthusiastically join arms with the Catholic leader.

Not Used Up: Progress in Abstinence Education
Valerie Huber and Greg Pfundstein, Public Discourse

Abstinence education today is a public health intervention, based on science and evidence, using sound pedagogy and methodology, to deliver a sound health message to young men and women, primarily in school settings.