Evangelical Lutheran Church elects first openly gay bishop
Catherine Saillant, L.A. Times

A North Hollywood theology professor ordained just two years ago after the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America dropped its ban on same-sex ministers was elected Friday as the church’s first openly gay bishop.

Wisconsin deal would expand private school vouchers, boost public school spending
Associated Press

Wisconsin’s private school voucher program would expand statewide, and spending in public schools would be allowed to increase by $150 per student in each of the next two years, under a deal being worked on by Gov. Scott Walker and Republican leaders.

We cannot abandon Syrian Christians
Jim Wallace, OCP News

Allies of al-Qaeda are purging the areas they control of “infidels”. Why is the West ignoring this tragedy?

A pastor seeks to revive Houston’s memory with art
Eric Harrison, Faith & Leadership

Christian leader Marlon Hall and members of his Awakenings Movement have created a public art project called “Amnesia Therapy,” which is designed to help people in downtrodden neighborhoods remember their past.