The Invisible Boy
Anthony Esolen, Catholic World Report

We must now pretend that boys are not boys, just some neutered youth.

Christian Martyrs to Islam, Past and Present
Charlotte Allen, Wall Street Journal

The making of the new saints was a vivid reminder of something that many people, including historians, prefer to gloss over: the pattern over the centuries of Islamic persecution of Christians that continues to this day in many Muslim-majority lands.

Religious Freedom: A Civil-Rights Issue
Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review

In many respects, religious freedom has always been a civil-rights issue. It’s perhaps unique among civil-rights issues in that it was the impetus for many of the first American colonists to risk their lives to settle in the New World.

Russell Moore: the call to ministry and the public square
Aaron Cline Hanbury, Baptist Press

For Russell Moore, it all makes sense. His new job as president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission resolves a nearly 30-year tension in his life between vocational ministry and vocational politics.