READERS will be interested in Circe Institute’s summer conference, July 16-19, Baltimore, Maryland, on the topic: “A CONTEMPLATION OF JUDGEMENT” Speakers include Touchstone‘s Ken Myers (Contours of Culture) and also Touchstone authors Dr. John Patrick (author of “The Guilty Generation,” Vigen Gurioan (author of 7 Touchstone features), among others. A description of the topic:

The carelessness of the conventional mind is reflected in its judgment that one should never judge. The trouble is, thinking, opining, and speaking are already and always judgments. We humans are incessantly, inescapably moral beings, and that is our glory.

The question is not whether we will judge, but whether we will judge wisely.  It’s hard to imagine a more practical question.

To teach is to judge. To teach is to teach a student how to judge. Everything we do, from writing to singing, from throwing a football to playing a piano, from teaching to assessing, from planning to fund-raising, requires judgment. As Thomas Aquinas wrote, ‘it is the part of the wise man to order and to judge”.

Judge well and be wise. Judge badly and be foolish.

Which do you want for your children and students?

Join us this July as, for the twelfth consective year, we contemplate the purpose, essence, and practice of Christian classical education at the 2013 CiRCE Conference: A Contemplation of Judgment, as we contemplate how best to provide an education that cultivates wisdom and virtue, that produces students able to judge wisely what is Good and True and Beautiful.

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