Is Your Church Ready for the Marriage Revolution?
Russell D. Moore, Moore to the Point

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to hand down a set of decisions this summer that could advance a cultural and political shift in the way marriage is defined in this country. Is your church ready for this?

Were the Middle Ages Dark?
Anthony Esolen, Prager University

There is no period in history more misunderstood than the Middle Ages.

Is Yoga Constitutional?
Mark Movsesian, First Things

The problem is this: yoga is a Hindu spiritual practice. Arguably, therefore, state-sponsored yoga is a religious endorsement that violates the Establishment Clause under existing Supreme Court case law.

The Boy Scouts’ Doomed Compromise
Carson Holloway, Public Discourse

The Boy Scouts’ new policy allowing openly gay members will fall to aggressive gay rights activists if not first to its own incoherence.