Texas cheerleaders win in court again over Bible banners

A judge has ruled that cheerleaders at a Southeast Texas high school can display banners emblazoned with Bible verses at football games.

Should We Care About Art?
Geoff Stevens, Ligonier Ministries

As Christians, we see so many things in the art world that repel us that we’re left wondering if perhaps the problem is inherent in the emotional and subjective nature of art itself. Some may even ask: Should we care about artists and their work at all?

9 Things You Should Know About Pornography and the Brain
Joe Carter,

“Because the human brain is the biological anchor of our psychological experience, it is helpful to understand how it operates.”

Mark Sanford’s God
Ross Douthat, New York Times

However loosey-goosey and laissez-faire our society’s approach to public morals, the Sanford scandal was still, well, an actual national scandal, and widely seen at the time (that is, about an eyeblink ago) as the likely end of his political career.