The Bishop of Rome as Christian Radical
George Weigel, First Things

When the Church is about itself, rather than the gospel and the invitation to friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Church betrays the gospel and the Lord.

Modern Hymn Writers Revive Lost Art with Surprising Success
Bob Smietana, Christianity Today

Keith and Kristyn Getty are changing the way contemporary churches worship.

Justice Kennedy’s 40,000 Children
Robert Oscar Lopez, Public Discourse

During oral arguments on Prop 8, Justice Kennedy alluded to the views of children of same-sex couples as if their desires and concerns are identical to and uncritical of their parents’ decisions. But the reality is far more complicated.

Justice Dept. to appeal Plan B court ruling
Sam Baker, The Hill

The Obama administration will appeal a court decision that required the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make the controversial contraceptive known as Plan B available to women of all ages.