Soldiers in the Roman army in ancient times ran afoul of the Imperial cult when they testified to their allegiance to Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lord, Caesar of caesars if you will. Today’s Pentagon is not threatening capital punishment but merely a court martial to any one sharing his faith in Christ  with another soldier. There is some debate as to the intent of this–there have been some reported incidents of superior officers who are Christian forcing servicemen to attend religious services, for instance. But proselytization is a word that, in the view of a secularist judge, might include sharing one’s faith in the most natural way, in the midst of a conversation about life and death matters. One soldier says to another soldier about his demeanor after a harrowing experience, “How do you manage to take it?” He say, “I say the ‘Jesus Prayer.'” “What’s that?” Oh, no, don’t talk about it?