Denyse O’Leary is on to something when she writes about the clearly growing unease that scientists who think science is the only path to true knowledge have with the Big Bang Theory. “Serious materialist atheists are well aware of its theistic implications and seek various ways to discredit it.”

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Hence, Multiverses are now the rage. So Christians are medieval and unscientific for believing in some heaven beyond our world, but scientists can state with a straight face that there are billions of universes–only we just can’t ever see them? Or (the latest) that Nothing existed, and then Nothing spit out our universe? Nothing? May favorite, though, if that there is an infinite number of universes from which ours happily came into being. So an atheist posits that something Infinite had to cause our world? Well, it’s not much, but maybe that’s a step in the right direction…..