Same-Sex Marriage Fever: Prohibition Parallels
Doug Mainwaring, Public Discourse

Media voices and progressive activists for same-sex marriage are appealing to judicial fiat because they know they won’t always have public opinion on their side.

The Human Egg Rush
Wesley J. Smith, First Things

Thanks to tremendous advances in biotechnological prowess, living human bodies—or rather their constituent parts and biological functions—are increasingly being looked upon as valuable commercial commodities. Human eggs (oocytes) are a prime example.

Easter on way for the Orthodox
Andrew Estocin, Albuquerque Journal

Most Americans identify Orthodox Christianity with an ethnic group such as Greeks or Russians. However, in New Mexico, Orthodox Christians are a diverse group that prays and worships in English.

Why Study the Didache?
Tom O’Loughlin, Nottingham University

The earliest Christian community at work and in prayer. The first how-to manual for the Church.