From Roe to Gosnell
James Taranto, Wall Street Journal

The case for regime change on abortion.

Religion: A Public or a Private Right?
Susan Hanssen, Public Discourse

Our public debate about religious liberty is missing a clear definition of religion. The absence of that definition has generated confusion, frustration, shrill voices, and short tempers.

New Research: Spiritual Maturity Tied to Strong Doctrinal Beliefs
Ed Stetzer, Lifeway Research Blog

Consumers in America are accustomed to having endless combinations of choices for every want in life. Biblical truth is radical because it teaches that eternal life is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ alone.

The Main Reason for Declining Church Attendance: Children’s Sports?
Melissa Steffan, Christianity Today

Sunday used to be a day reserved by many Christians for attending worship services, but new research indicates the extent to which American churches today are competing against myriad other activities.