Cross & Death, Cup & Baptism, Servant & Slave
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, Preachers Institute

In the Gospel of St. Mark there is a record of Jesus’ three prophecies of the coming drama of Redemption. These are evenly placed in chapter 8-10 of Mark and provide structure for his development of the theme of the Cross.

The Bible vs. the Heart
Dennis Prager, National Review Online

The human heart alone is a terribly flawed guide to social policy.

Cats and Dogs and Marriage Laws
Stephen J. Heaney, Public Discourse

When we define our terms based on the results we want, rather than on the reality of the thing being defined, all hell breaks loose.

Pastor Rick Warren’s son commits suicide
Associated Press

The 27-year-old son of popular evangelical Pastor Rick Warren has committed suicide at his Southern California home, Warren’s church and authorities said on Saturday.