Jesus is On the Wrong Side of History
Trevin Wax, The Gospel Coalition

A fictional conversation from the first century A.D.

North Dakota laws ban abortions, set milestones
Tom Strode, Baptist Press

North Dakota has enacted precedent-setting laws to protect unborn children. Gov. Jack Dalrymple, a Republican, signed into law March 26 three bills restricting abortion, including two that establish new pro-life milestones.

How to Find Your Vocation in College
Gene Edward Veith, Intercollegiate Review

The idea is that what you do for a living can be a calling. From God. That He has made you in a certain way and given you certain talents, opportunities, and inclinations.

International Jurists: Marriage Is Between a Man and Woman
Sophie Giberga and Ryan T. Anderson, The Foundry

While the justices should resist the activist use of “transnational law” in interpreting the original meaning of our Constitution, some still do. If the Supreme Court justices—wrongly—look to foreign law to resolve the question of whether marriage may be defined as the union of one man and one woman, they will discover that the traditional definition of marriage is almost universally followed.