The Obama Administration continues its plan to overwhelm the American society.  A review from this morning’s website, where the Obama Administration announces its new proposed rules and regulations to manage better our society, shows that 6,458 new rules have been issued in the past 90 days.  This averages almost 72 new rules each day.  One of the proposed rules deals with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) rule from February 6, 2013, regarding contraceptive and abortion coverage (oops…”certain preventive health services . . .”) at no cost to employees of religious employers.  Here is the link to the rule.

This coming Monday, April 8th, 2013, is the deadline for submitting comments on this proposed rule. It seems to me that the proposed rule is inadequate at many levels, but primarily the definition of “religious employer” is narrow, and excludes many traditional religious employers, including religious colleges, hospitals, and ministries.  The proposed “accommodation” for these employers, by which HHS proposes to make insurers or third-party administrators pay for drugs and other “procedures” that violate the employers’ religious conscience is, of course, an economic charade.

You might like to make your voice heard.  Comments need not be lengthy or comprehensive, and may be submitted electronically HERE by midnight Monday.  And let your church family, other friends, and family know if they are interested in this vital religious liberty matter. Having worked in government, I know that these comments are read and studied, and they do make a difference, even in an ideological Obama HHS.  Just be thoughtful and polite in your comments.