This coming Thursday, May 2, 2013, is the National Day of Prayer.  Over the centuries, and long before our nation was established, our ancestors had a rich history of prayer.  In fact, by 1815, some 1,400 official calls to prayer had been issued by governmental leaders, including calls for Days of Prayer and Fasting, and Days of Thanksgiving.  On those days, Americans would gather at churches where pastors would preach a sermon addressing the topics identified in the proclamation, and then they would all pray.  ( has recently posted some of these sermons on its website.  I was most touched by a sermon preached by the Rev. Henry Colman of Massachusetts on August 12, 1812, in response to a proclamation issued by President James Madison during the War of 1812, available here.)

On this coming Thursday, citizens and congregations will gather together as tens of thousands of groups, churches, and in many other public venues throughout our land.   To find any of these locations, please visit the National Day of Prayer official site at

And if you are unable to attend one of the prayer meetings in person, please take time to individually lift up our nation, government, leaders, military, families, businesses, schools, and places of worship, fervently asking for God’s grace, mercy, and blessing on the nation as we humble ourselves before Him.  Despite the fact that the United States has been greatly blessed by God, our nation is today in great need and peril from wickedness and murder.  Many of us have permitted impurity and selfishness in our lives, we have hoarded wealth and lacked compassion for the poor, but most of all, we have not been zealous in living and sharing our Christian faith with those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.  We should plead with God that we should be the church and people that the Lord Jesus Christ would want us to be, even unto death.  May God bless our land as we humble ourselves, and pray and seek God’s face, and turn from our wicked ways.