My, the days of Paul Erlich’s deeply-flawed but highly-influential Population Bomb seem so long ago. Are we seeing a heightened awareness of the need to “make babies”?  Even Chicago NPR affiliated, WBEZ is getting in on the act with its Go Make Babies campaign. David Paul Deaval writes at the Star Tribune about how he is a One-Percenter, when it comes to family size. When the history of the United States is written in 2100, what will be the verdict on the sixties sexual revolution? And in case you’re interested, there is a New Sexual Revolution in the making, if M. Catherine Evans and Ann Kane are correct in their article at the American Thinker. But, seriously, this is only the second or third phase of the Sexual Revolution. Kinsey, who help launched the first, was already into pedophilia and normalizing it. We are getting there. Some of the sex-ed materials distributed to grade school children are child porn, and include sodomy. Kinsey would approve.