Neither In the Jungle Nor Out of It
Anthony Esolen, Public Discourse

Lust perverts language itself, calling sex “safe” or “protected,” and cohabitation “honest,” and relationships “mutual,” which are nothing but forays into a jungle, where the strongest and most cunning survive.

Holy Week and the Insomnia of Jesus
Russell D. Moore, Moore to the Point

Why could Jesus sleep so peacefully through a life-threatening sea-storm, and yet is awake all night in the olive garden before his arrest, crying out in anguish?

Survey: Many undecided on Easter attendance
Russ Rankin, Baptist Press

Attending church on Easter Sunday is not a cut-and-dry decision for everyone — even for self-identified Christians.

The Violence of the Crucifixion
Dr. Leroy Huizenga, Catholic World Report

The Four Evangelists glory not in the cross’ gore but rather in its shame.