The Christian Fantasy
Lars Walker, InterCollegiate Review

Materialists who write about Magic are likely (though not certain) to write about it badly. They shouldn’t try it, for the same reason a Christian shouldn’t try writing porn. It’s hard to do well something you despise.

Young Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage Undaunted
Ashley Parker, New York Times

They hear that their cause is lost, that demographics and the march of history have doomed their campaign to keep marriage only between a man and a woman. But the young conservatives who oppose same-sex marriage — unlike most of their generation — remain undaunted.

Iceland, Pornography, and What Liberty Doesn’t Mean
Victoria Van Vlear, Evangelical Outpost

Good laws will encourage people to do good things, and they will be happier as a result. If laws do not lead to happiness, we had best abandon them.

How the Catholic Church can better promote a culture of life
Frank Brennan, ABC Religion and Ethics

Could not something of this new papal style help us to engage more creatively with our fellow believers and with our fellow citizens as we attempt to create a better culture for life?