We Don’t Need to Redefine Marriage to Fix Policy Problems
William W. Beach and Ryan T. Anderson, Public Discourse

Good public policy can meet the needs of all Americans without redefining marriage.

As crisis worsens, 4 million in Syria need humanitarian relief
Mark Kelly, Baptist Press

Conditions for civilians in Syria have deteriorated so badly that Southern Baptist humanitarian leaders have decided they must expand relief efforts inside the country.

Does International Child Sponsorship Work?
Joe Carter, Acton Institute PowerBlog

Billions of dollars are spent every year on child sponsorship charities. But are they effective at alleviating poverty?

‘Give Back Alaska:’ Ill-Fated Russian Attempt To Protect Christians from Same-Sex Marriage
Melissa Steffan, Christianity Today

A group of “ultraconservative” Russian Orthodox Christians is attempting to defend religious freedom in an unusual way: demanding that the United States relinquish control of Alaska.