New Shepherd, Same Wandering Flock
Mary Eberstadt, Time

[T]he chief conundrum facing the new Pope is the same as it was for the exceedingly aware emeritus Pope before him.

Why Pope Francis Excites (Most) Evangelical Leaders
Ruth Moon, Christianity Today

Bergoglio expected to focus on poverty and set a friendlier tone in Protestant-Catholic relations.

Why serving the common good isn’t enough
Jeff Haanen

Cleaning a beach or planting a community garden is well and good. But what makes Christians unique in the world?

Kids These Days
R.C. Sproul Jr., Ligonier Ministries

It’s a funny thing about slippery slopes—you can slide down them slowly. The principle behind the concept isn’t that you must move swiftly from here down to there if you have no moral brakes, but that you will move.