C. S. Lewis on Selfishness vs. Self-Interest
Art Lindsley, The Gospel Coalition

To Lewis, there is a huge difference between self-interest and selfishness, and there is a proper place for self-interest.

First ‘Fetal Pain’ Abortion Ban Struck Down by Court
Melissa Steffan, Christianity Today

Ten states have such restrictions. Three have been challenged; Idaho’s is the first to fall.

Turfan and the Christians of the Silk Route
Philip Jenkins, First Things

Besides its economic importance, the Silk Route was also a highway of ideas and faiths, which was used extensively by Muslims, Buddhists, Manichaeans, and of course Christians.

Sex-ed for kindergartners mandated in Chicago
Erin Roach, Baptist Press

A new sexual health program in the Chicago Public Schools mandates that a set amount of time be spent on sex education in every grade, beginning in kindergarten. The program also will discuss sexual orientation and gender identity for the first time.