Iran’s President Believes Chavez will Rise From the Dead, like Jesus
Frud Bezhan, The Atlantic

“I have no doubt that [Chavez] will return alongside Jesus Christ…to establish peace and justice in the world,” Ahmadinejad said.

Why Conservative Christians Should Oppose Teaching the Bible in Public Schools
Jonathan Merritt, Religion News Service

Do the Christians crying for a reintroduction of Bible courses want their children taught, for example, that the creation account in Genesis is little more than pretty poetry?

Sudan treatment of Christians becomes harsher
Morning Star News

Harassment, violence and arrests of Christians have intensified since largely Christian South Sudan seceded and Sudan President Omar al-Bashir vowed to root the country more deeply in Sharia (Islamic law).

The Seismic Shift of the 1960′s: An Interview with Os Guinness
Trevin Wax, Kingdom People

Fifty years have passed since the start of the Sixties. I asked Os to join me on the blog for a conversation about this pivotal decade in American history, and what it means for us today.