Why Jack the Giant-Slayer Misses the Mark
Russell D. Moore

[T]he movie misses, I think, the element that made the old stories so compelling in the first place. The movie obscures the way Jack, in the old stories, usually defeated the giants: not just with grit and luck and determination, but with trickery.

Americans Feel Most Connected to A Local Religious Group
Rasmussen Reports

Most Americans feel connected to a local church or religious organization, and nothing else comes close. Government and politics are near the bottom of the list.

Christians Don’t Have ‘the Right to Be Stupid’
Tonyia Martin, Christianity Today

Hey, John Kerry: Religious freedom is no joking matter.

Republican House Members Introduce Conscience Protection Act
Tim Drake, Cardinal Newman Society

Three Republican members of Congress, along with 47 co-sponsors, have announced a legislative effort to protect conscience rights.