The Enemy Christ Defeated
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, Preachers Institute

The theology of the Lord’s Passion, as portrayed in the Fourth Gospel, is not exhausted by our considerations of Jesus—hitherto—as Priest.

Population Decline and the Birth Dearth
Scott Yenor, Public Discourse

Jonathan Last’s new book attributes population decline and the birth dearth to two trends that started in the Enlightenment era—first, an effort to limit death; second, an effort to control birth. Both trends are guided by a desire to control nature.

Benedict XVI Honored by Eastern Orthodox Hierarchs
Christopher B. Warner, Catholic World Report

Another look at the Constantinople-Rome schism and a way forward for reconciliation.

You Are Not a Religion
Mark Movsesian, First Things

For constitutional purposes, the court reasoned, religion means some organizing principle or authority other than oneself. Going with one’s inner flow does not qualify.