The 20th century has experienced the most horrific holocausts in human history.
Whether it was Chinese communism, the Nazi Regime, or Stalin’s murders, tens of millions died as a result of deliberate governmental policies. As one example, under Mao Tse-tung and his Chinese brand of communism, Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, writing in their exceptional biography Mao: the Unknown Story, review Mao’s unspeakable record in great detail, and observe that in his 27 years as China’s Great Helmsman, 27 million died in prison and labor camps, while an additional 38 million died of starvation, of which 20 million starved in 1960.
(The book opens with the sentence “Mao Tse-tung, who for decades held absolute power over the lives of one-quarter of the world’s population, was responsible for well over 70 million deaths in peacetime, more than any other twentieth century leader.”)

However, the murders of Mao, Hitler, and Stalin pale in comparison to the number of murders of unborn children in China over the past 42 years. Simon Rabinovitch writing recently in the Financial Times, (available here: reported:

Since 1971, doctors have performed 336 [million] abortions and 196 [million] sterilizations . . . They have also inserted 403 [million] intrauterine devices, a normal birth control procedure in the west but one that local officials often force on women in China. The numbers do not directly equate to “missing” births because some couples who violate the one-child rule have also had abortions or been sterilized.

Mr. Rabinovitch quoted these results from official data from the Chinese health ministry. Thus, the number of abortions in China far exceeds the population of the United States.
China has implemented a national one-child policy (families are allowed by the Communist government to have only one child). Yet Chinese culture prefers boys. As was reported in The Economist on March 4, 2010, in an article entitled “Gendercide,” the overwhelming majority of aborted babies are girls (see The Economist article here: The Economist noted:

In fact the destruction of baby girls is a product of three forces: the ancient preference for sons; a modern desire for smaller families; and ultrasound scanning and other technologies that identify the sex of a fetus. In societies where four or six children were common, a boy would almost certainly come along eventually; son preference did not need to exist at the expense of daughters. But now couples want two children—or, as in China, are allowed only one—they will sacrifice unborn daughters to their pursuit of a son.

For those of us who oppose abortion, this is, indeed, heinous mass murder, and the ultimate holocaust on the weakest and most vulnerable. It is the true war on women, and the greatest holocaust of the 20th century. May the memory of the Chinese children be eternal, and may God have great mercy on our souls for God is not to be mocked.