From the Chicago Tribune: Illinois Lottery firm to be fined $20 million

“The private company in charge of running the Illinois Lottery will be fined $20 million for failing to generate the $851 million in sales it had promised.”

Really? A private company is being punished for failing to adequate entice and manipulate the activities of free citizens to meet the demands of the state???

Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn was measured in his criticism of Northstar today, saying “the company has understanding that they have to do better.” Quinn said he wanted to see games that encourage a broader audience to play the lottery. Historically, lottery sales are highest in low-income communities.

“We want a model that reaches everyone in our state, and they have some work to do to make that happen,” Quinn said.

State officials picked Northstar to run the lottery after being frustrated by years of stagnant sales. The hope was an outside firm would streamline operations and focus on increasing profits.

Next up: the private company to which the City of Chicago leased its parking meters (and parking spaces?) will be penalized by having all of the cars of its employees Denver-booted and towed to a Chicago car pound for failing to generate adequate parking meter revenue.