Last night I caught the video of Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation and his discussion (debate?) with Piers Morgan and Suze Orman on Morgan’s CNN show. The whole clip is pretty amazing to watch for a variety of reasons.

As Denny Burk put it, this is a great example of how not to have a debate about gay marriage.

Considering the circumstances, Anderson comported himself admirably. The condescension of Morgan and Orman just permeates the discussion, as Orman begins her piece by calling Anderson “uneducated,” but later admits that he has all his “facts” together. All Morgan and Orman have, apparently, are bully tactics, appeals to the mob, and special pleading.

Orman also refers to Anderson as “sweetheart.” Some have commented on the fact that Anderson is placed in the audience during this exchange, while Morgan and Orman are up at the “big kids” table. The playing field is uneven in this and other ways, but at least since he wasn’t seated at the table Orman wasn’t simply able to cluck her tongue and pat Anderson on the head.

This conversation is what you get when natural-law arguments run into suppression of the truth in unrighteousness. I would expect the identity politics and ad hominems to simply escalate as the case that Anderson, Sherif Gergis, and Robbie George make (in this article and in their book) continues to get a hearing in the public square.