Not only was a young girl shot and killed within a mile of President Obama’s house, but this week a nearby parade of decadence in higher education called  Sex Week at the University of Chicago exposes the nakedness and bankruptcy of western civilization at this present stage. I hope the President will say something.

Mark well: this IS what many “education” dollars are doing: leading students to confirm the false tenets of the sexual revolution. Education means “lead forth,” or “train”–in other word, pull them along and teach them the way the world is.

This experiment in human biology will not, indeed can not, end well. It already has a body count that continues. No amount of chemical, pharmaceutical, technological manipulation of the human body will overwrite the natural laws written in our bodies.

Science confirms that the one-flesh union of husband and wife arises not from the head of some religious visionary back in ancient times but from the barely-understood but astonishingly complex, intricate, fragile, and life-affirming biological, hormonal, neurological, and even genetic dance that makes up marital relations, conception, childbirth, breast feeding, and child nurturing. The two become one and three.

I would wager that the promoters of Sex Week at the University of Chicago–not an easy school to gain entry to, mind you–are quite committed to ecological and environmental causes, champions of “the natural,” organic foods and natural fibers. But when it comes to the ecology of the human body, they are most unnatural, supporting the invasion of womb, ovaries, and other body parts of the male and female with chemicals, devices, materials, saline solutions, surgical instruments, and bursts of bestial lust sometimes only possible under a haze of drugs or alcohol. If birds could talk, if bees could watch and make comment, what would these well adapted creatures of nature say about the unnatural madness of an affluent and “educated” population having slain 55 million of its offspring since 1973 in order to protect the lies of the sexual revolution?

Meanwhile, the shootings in the neighborhoods surrounding the Island of Hyde Park and the University of Chicago continue. We’re told gun control is the issue. I don’t doubt that something is broken when it comes to that. But the two things–young men (mostly without fathers) shooting off guns at others–and the sexual revolution–are related. Gun control? What about young men learning self-control when using an item infinitely more powerful than a gun. A gun can take a life. The other thing can create a life. Once created, that life needs a father and a mother. If you follow the logic of the abortionistas, the problem isn’t too many abortions, the problem is too few. It’s a very organized crime against humanity. Sex Week is just its sideshow.