9 Things You Should Know About C. Everett Koop
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

C. Everett Koop died yesterday at the age of 96. Here are nine things you should know about the former surgeon general.

The Conservative Gay Marriage Mirage
Robert Oscar Lopez, The American Thinker

For all the talk of being inclusive, same-sex marriage proponents are actually promoting the exclusion of one biological parent from the custody of their own children.

Vatican reveals Pope Benedict’s new title

Pope Benedict XVI will keep the title “his holiness” once he retires and will be called “pontiff emeritus,” Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told reporters at the Vatican on Tuesday.

Are You Ready for the Persecution?
Fr. Peter Preble

Today we begin the season known as the Triodion. . . . This is a time of preparation, and it is a time that we need to take seriously.