WPost: Yes, we fear and loathe religious traditionalists
Mollie Hemingway, Get Religion

Failure to understand the basic (and, frankly, not even that difficult to understand) arguments of those who oppose redefining marriage is inexcusable bigotry, particularly after years of witnessing what happens in the coverage of this debate.

Blessed Are Les Misérables: For Theirs Is the True Philosophy of Law
Michael W. Hannon, Public Discourse

Hollywood’s new musical masterpiece illustrates a classical legal philosophy, long lost to our liberal establishment, that serves as a golden mean between tyrannical legalism and libertine antinomianism.

Tebow’s Big Fumble
R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Christianity Today

Soon, the ball will be thrown to each of us.

Conclave Expected to Begin Between March 9-11

According to a Vatican official, Pope Benedict XVI likely will change the conclave start date tomorrow by a papal declaration.