Christians in Libya Face Safety Concerns
Jamie Dettmer, OCP Media Network

Questions of safety for Christians are being raised in Libya. Three communities of Roman Catholic nuns are leaving the country because of threats from radical Islamists. And four missionaries were arrested over the weekend for distributing religious literature.

Why We Can’t Just “Lighten Up” Over the HHS Mandate
Daniel Philpott, Public Discourse

Preserving the freedom to witness to the truths one believes, not merely avoiding cooperation with evil, is what’s primarily at stake in the HHS mandate debate.

Where the Blonde Jesus Thing Came From
Aliens in the World

From a thing that showed up in the very late Middle Ages, called the “Letter of Lentulus,” which was presented as being a report from a Roman official (with a known historical name) to Tiberius, about the appearance and habits of Jesus.

Benedict Face to Face with Islam
Andrew Doran, First Things

In 1095, in a carefully crafted speech before prelates and nobles in Claremont, France, Pope Urban II called Europe to action: A Crusade to aid the Christian empire of Byzantium.