Why Evangelical Leaders Love Pope Benedict XVI (And His Resignation)
Ruth Moon, Christianity Today

Theologians and pastors felt kinship in his passion for theology and his stances on social issues.

Redeeming Holy Days from Pagan Lies — Ash Wednesday and Lent
Pastor Joseph Abrahamson, Steadfast Lutherans

To put it plainly: the claim that Ash Wednesday and Lent are based on pagan origins is a relatively new fiction that comes out of several different sources

Can secular journalists argue theology with the pope?
Michael McGough, L.A. Times

As lawyers say, there’s a “standing” problem here. If the editorial writer doesn’t accept the tenets of Catholicism in the first place, he or she is on shaky ground arguing for a particular interpretation of those beliefs.

How Could God Command Genocide in the Old Testament?
Justin Taylor, Between Two Worlds

This is a good, hard question. The way we answer it will both reflect and inform our understanding of justice and mercy.