NYC Public Schools Hand Out 13,000 Morning-After Pill Doses
Leonardo Blair, Christian Post

New York City public schools handed out nearly 13,000 doses of the morning-after pill to high school students during the last school year and no one had to tell their parents about it.

New Archbishop of Canterbury facing showdown with senior bishops
Edward Malnick, The Telegraph

The new Archbishop of Canterbury is facing a showdown with senior church leaders over the Church of England’s decision to allow the appointment of gay bishops.

Conservative Christians and the gay revolution
R. Albert Mohler Jr, Washington Post

In terms of the cultural tide, evangelical Christians have every reason to feel left behind. Thoughtful evangelicals must realize the depth of our predicament.

Liberty and public decency
Sven Wilson, Pileus

But I am definitely a prude. . . . And proud of it. And, if you are a libertarian, then you should be a prude, too.