Christ Jesus – High Priest and Victim
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, Preachers Institute

Notwithstanding the subtlety of John’s portrayal, Bible-readers have for centuries described the material in John 17 as the “high priestly prayer.” In the following reflections I will argue that they are correct.

A Bible That Keeps Us Apart
Eleanor Pettus, First Things

[T]o a Protestant who has been raised to love and treasure the language of the word, the New American Bible or “NAB” used in most Catholic parishes is a scandal.

5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Black History Month
Jemar Tisby, Reformed African American Network

While not everyone agrees Black History Month is a good thing, here are several reasons why I think it’s appropriate to celebrate this occasion.

The Boy Scouts: A Threat to Religious Liberty?
Liberty Institute

You are of course aware of the number of Boy Scout troops and Cub Scout packs sponsored by churches—whether Protestant, Catholic, or Mormon—and that hold their meetings in those church facilities. Both those sponsorships and the use of those facilities would be jeopardized if the proposed policy change is adopted.