William Saunders, VP at Americans United for Life, has written an update on the HHS Mandate at theCatholicThing. The penultimate paragraph I think makes a point that is so characteristic of ruling elites:

Deciding who is exempt because of their religious beliefs, who is to be “accommodated,” and who receives no protection whatever (the people in the pews), sounds much like the position Obama took in a recent Supreme Court case: it is up to his administration to strike the balance on religious freedom.

They’re the experts in everything, social, economic, moral, legal, animal, mineral, and vegetable. They know best about nutrition for preschoolers, who qualifies as a preschooler, what math standards should be, when kids should be taught sex ed and what they should be taught, who should own guns and what kind and how many bullets, what sorts of “services” a Catholic employer must provide, what sort of light bulbs we can’t buy, energy supplies, and on and on, with little end in sight. There is no resemblance between this and the US Constitution of the United States of America. One nation, under DC, with liberty and justice for all as they regulate, enforce, or refrain.