President Abraham Lincoln is the subject of not one but two current movies. The first, Spielberg’s, is familiar to just about everyone, including Peter W. Schramm’s 87-year-old mother, whom he took to see it. She hasn’t been out to a movie in more than ten years. I found his comments worth reading.

The second Lincoln movie is called Saving Lincoln, and it will be playing in February at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. A summary:

The mystery of why Abraham Lincoln (Amandes, Chicago theater veteran and TV’s “Parenthood” series) was not accompanied by his closest friend and dedicated bodyguard U.S. Marshal Ward Hill Lamon (Coco) on the fateful night he was assassinated is unraveled in this authentically researched tale that delves into the president’s public life and private beliefs and fears. Utilizing an innovative technique that places actors within the frame of Civil War photos by Brady, Gardner, and others, director Litvak brings the man and the era to life with a fateful sense of destiny.

Watch the trailer on the link above to see the “effect” of the use of the old photos.