The Social Construction of Selective Abortion
Amy Julia Becker, The Atlantic

Many American women terminate their pregnancies when they discover their child will have Down syndrome. Is that so different from mothers in other parts of the world who abort unwanted girls?

Abortion and the Gospel
Russell D. Moore

What we often forget is the second casualty of an abortion culture: the consciences of countless men and women.

Study: Children Of Divorce Less Likely To Practice Religion
John Flynn, Zenit

The negative social consequences of divorce are well-known but a new report shows that it also leads to a decline in religious practice.

On the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: A Public Discourse Symposium
Ryan T. Anderson, The Public Discourse

Witness to the truth matters for its own sake, but persistent, winsome witness also tends to bear good fruit, even if it takes 40 years and counting.