Life Under Compulsion: The Dehumanities
Anthony Esolen, Front Porch Republic

There are so many bad things to say about these standards, one hardly knows where to begin. The field is full of rubble, and all I have here is a shovel and a small wheelbarrow. Still, one must begin somewhere.

Happy 100th Birthday Carl F.H. Henry
Russell D. Moore

Henry was concerned about two fronts: detached fundamentalism and social gospel liberalism.

Marching for Life
John Murdock, First Things

I am unable to forget the “March for Women’s Lives” held on a beautiful D.C. Sunday in April 2004. Its Orwellian event title referring to aborting mothers not unborn females . . .

President Obama the first to mention gay rights in an inaugural address
Denny Burk

Today, President Obama became the first President ever to mention the word “gay” in an inaugural speech.