Human Wrongs and the Long War Against Christianity
Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail

As I wonder how long it will be till I am arrested and locked up for some breach of the new speech codes, I muse about how – when they come and get me – I will take the case to the Human Rights Court.

Canadian deans accused of ‘anti-religious bias’ over attempt to block Christian law school
Sarah Boesveld, National Post

In a letter publicized this week, the Canadian Council of Law Deans took aim at Trinity Western University’s “community covenant” — a code of conduct that includes a pledge to remain “abstinen[t] from sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness between a man and a woman.”

U.S. demands release of American pastor from Iranian prison
Compass Direct News

Advocates say he faces death penalty for professing his faith

9 Things You Should Know About Roe v. Wade
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

Only 44 percent among those ages 18 to 29 know Roe v. Wade dealt with abortion. In an attempt to help fill that knowledge gap, here are 9 things young people—and everyone else—should know about Roe.