How Jesus Heard The Father
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, Preachers Institute

Jesus, when he spoke of his coming death and Resurrection, referred to the Father’s “command”

Jesus ‘wife’ papyrus hits another snag
Baptist Press

Professor Karen King has hit another snag in her efforts to publicize a papyrus fragment on which she says Jesus refers to a “wife,” as the Harvard Theological Review has postponed publication of her anticipated article, awaiting the results of further testing.

Lessons from France on Defending Marriage
Robert Oscar Lopez, Public Discourse

Unlikely characters, including gay men, are leading the French people in protest against redefining marriage. A repeating refrain is “the rights of children trump the right to children.” Americans should follow their example of mobilizing across party lines.

Loving the Sinner Without Loving the Sin
Louis Markos, First Things

For too long the church has allowed its righteous hatred of the sin of homosexuality to morph into a hatred (and fear) of the homosexual himself. We have held strong to God’s moral standards, but in doing so we have lost our compassion for those held in the grip of a disordered desire.