The Coming Public Conflict Over Human Cloning
Wesley J. Smith, First Things

To the contrary, we are currently in a temporary period of calm until scientists announce the creation of the first human cloned embryos. When—not if—that happens, the heated public debate will make the ESCR brouhaha seem like a day at Disneyland.

Louie Giglio and the New State Church
Russell Moore, Desiring God

President Obama kicked up some controversy by announcing that evangelical pastor Louie Giglio would be praying at the inauguration.

Federalism and Marriage
Edward Whelan, National Review Online

The Supreme Court should stay out of the way.

Sneering Social Constructionists
Mark Bauerlein, Public Discourse

Sneering at persons who are not social constructionists has become commonplace. Until defenders of inherent virtues, natural laws, divine beings, and other things that transcend social reality learn to overcome this initial set-up, they will be forever on the defensive.