In the Middle East, the Arab spring has given way to a Christian winter
Rupert Shortt, OCP

The line about the American general meeting the Arab Christian isn’t as familiar as it should be. “When did your family convert?” the general asked. “About 2,000 years ago,” the Arab answered wryly.

Building Congregations Around Art Galleries and Cafes as Spirituality Wanes
Amy O’Leary, New York Times

The “spiritual but not religious” category is an important audience that evangelical leaders hope to reach in a culture that many believers call “post-Christian.”

“I Feel; Therefore, I Am”: Reflections on Cultural Emotivism
Paul Copan, Parchment and Pen

We encounter emotivismin the moral claim “I feel that this is right” or “That makes me feel uncomfortable.” In their research papers, university students with increasing frequency write “I feel” rather than “I think” to establish their point.

Archbishop Closes “Gay Masses”
David Mill, First Things

The Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, has now closed it down and transferred the work of pastoral care to another church, while giving the church in Soho to the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, the English branch of the group the pope established for Anglican converts.