Today, January 22, 2013, is the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade that established a woman’s constitutional right to terminate her pregnancy through abortion.  In its decision, the Supreme Court deemed abortion to be a fundamental right under the United States Constitution.  Much has been written about this topic in Touchstone and Salvo, and on this blog, along with countless other books and articles about the heinous atrocity of infanticide through abortion.  Accordingly, on this 40th anniversary, I can only offer the following prayer:

Our Loving Heavenly Father, Who makes all people in Your divine image, You teach us in Your Holy Word that Your glory is evident in the faces of Your little ones whose angels continually look to You, have mercy upon us.  As a nation, we have turned our backs upon You for we have not only tolerated, but permitted, violent acts that shed the innocent blood of more than 3,300 unborn children each day.  In our nation, whom You have blessed so clearly and abundantly, we permit abortion to be legal in all 50 states, through all nine months of pregnancy, and for any reason.  We beg Your mercy and forgiveness upon us.  As a nation, we have not considered little ones who are about to be born as worthy of life, but have rather discarded them like trash beneath our feet.  Father in Heaven, we plead for Your mercy upon us.  Over the past forty years, we have not held the lives of tens of millions of unborn children as sacred to You, but rather, our nation has put them to death as a matter of convenience in order to pursue our selfish interests.  For this bloodshed, each of us and our nation ought to be condemned and judged for their innocent blood is upon our hands.  The innocent blood of 52 million aborted unborn children has polluted our country, and our shores are drenched with the blood of the unborn; our cities and towns, and our high places of government, are dripping red with the blood of the innocent.  We beg You to have mercy upon us.  Because we who love You did not raise up an outcry against this monstrous sin, we too have become guilty through our silence and our complacency.  We, who are in your Church, who are called by Your Holy Name, have loved our pleasure and our comfort far more than we have loved our neighbors and Your Holy Word.  We deserve your judgment, O Lord, for we are without excuse.  Father, we cannot say that we know not what we do.  Yet your Holy Word teaches us that the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is our only hope.  It is only through Christ that we may dare to approach You and beg for Your mercy upon us, and to heal our land of its great and abhorrent sin against You and the innocent.  Father, today we pray for those who advocate for abortion.  Open their eyes, Lord, that they may see that they are ending a life.  We pray for those women, including many in our churches, who have had an abortion.  We pray, too, for those of us who, as men, have encouraged women in crisis and the mothers of our unborn babies to have an abortion, or to have paid for an abortion with our blood money.  We pray that, as Your Holy Scriptures teaches us, in Christ, we have forgiveness of sins if only we come humbly to You and ask for Your forgiveness.  Please forgive us and heal our land.  Father, we pray that the day will come when the innocent blood of children will be shed no more in our land, that the halls of government shall honor Your righteousness, and our courts shall be occupied by godly men and women who truly love justice and righteousness.  For we ask this through the precious and holy Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord, Who lives and reigns with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.  Amen.