This is a very sad story from the Telegraph. It doesn’t give many details about the decision. But my immediate reaction to the story was personal, and negative in the sense that I protest the legality of doctors killing people because they want to die, especially people who have no condition that would cause them to die in the first place. And my “inner protest” arose, I think, because it struck me as an attack on the lives of others, even mine, in the significant sense that it rejects the sanctity of life, and thus all human life. When any human life–even your own–is not respected, even abused, by giving power to the will above even life itself, we have further enshrined the will to power as a fierce god. We used to try to help people who lost the will to live, unless they were on death’s door from age or mortal illness. Now, instead of helping them recover the will, the healers turn into willing executioners, even if they do so in the name of those to be executed.