crosses 150x150 You Can Help UsReaders of Mere Comments, Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, The St. James Daily Devotional Guide, and SALVO can thank a group of about twelve hundred men, women, and families who support these publications of the Fellowship of St. James with their charitable contributions each year. Sixty percent of our income comes from tax-deductible contributions.

The Fellowship of St. James itself is simply the name of the publishing ministry. (It is not a quasi-ecclesial entity or membership organization.) We are comprised of Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox Christians readers and writers who are members of a wide variety of Christian “denominations.” We are one of the very few publishing ventures that brings together such a wide variety of Christians who would described themselves in such terms as biblical, orthodox, traditional, and so on. As someone put it, when we confess the Creed, we mean it. When we read the Gospels, we don’t put on critical lenses; we hear the Word of God. Jesus did all these things and more, “for us men and for our salvation.” We call him Lord, seeking to obey him, and Savior, giving him thanks for saving us from sin and death.

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